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I was doing some research not long ago and came across this photo; it reminded me so much of my blog that I decided to post it:


Recessionista (Plural: Recessionistas) a blend of Recession and Fashionista.




Sorry! And Updates!


Hi there! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long! It feels like forever but I just can’t seem to find enough time and I haven’t been sewing much of late:)

I have (somewhat recently) added my headbands to my etsy shop! My grandmother made another hat which is also for sale, you can go see them at my shop.

At the moment I am working on regency dresses for a lady and her four daughters! So hopefully I’ll have some pictures sometime in the near future:) But definitely not till after next week, because my sister made it into the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and she and I will be going to San Antonio, Texas for a week! Fun! So there probably won’t be much posting… ugh! I’m afraid I’m not very consistent with my posting:) But maybe I’ll get back to it soon!


My sister and I went to see “Celtic Woman” live in Huntsville, Alabama on Sunday and they were AWESOME! One of my favorite groups… I absolutely LOVE Celtic music! They sang a version of Amazing Grace with bagpipes and all and it was beautiful! Everyone stood up and gave them a standing ovation. Definitely the highlight of my week:) I would give anything to be able to play the fiddle like Mairead Nesbitt (I know I’ll never sing like them:)

Also for those who don’t keep up with the Elegance of Fashion Blog, she is hosting a Period Drama Advice Column, that promises to be pretty fun! I may consider participating myself!

Well, here’s one last apology for my lack of post and hopefully I’ll get back to it soon!


Pink Crochet Hat


Hi there! My Grandmother has joined my Etsy shop with her beautiful Crocheted hats! (I can’t crochet to save my life) but she certainly can; and I’ve finally convinced her to try at selling a few.

My cousin Clara Kate trying the hat out:



I LOVE the color!


Doesn’t she look hippie:)


English Country Dancing Vol. 1


Hi again everyone! The subject of today’s post is a project that I had some participation in. English Country Dancing Vol. 1. It is an instructional video on old English/Scottish social/Civil War period dances; also touching on some of the etiquette of the day. Here is the synopsis:

It is always interesting to learn more about the bygone days and about the everyday life of our ancestors.  Of all the historical arts that I have researched, one of my favorites is the old time dancing dating back to the eighteenth century up through the Civil War.   With so much pointless amusement out there, the old dances are a wonderful way to have good old fashioned fun!  Recently, I completed an instructional documentary that combines the beauty of the Civil War/Victorian era dances with my love for history.  This 30 minute film covers 6 period dances complete with step-by-step instructions, dance excerpts, and historical information on etiquette and customs of the day.  For pictures of the production process and screen shots of the finished product, visit the following link or check out my website at
The DVD:

Demonstration Dancing:


There’s ME!:) I’m arching my back horribly, if my ballet teacher saw that… help!!!!

The actual dance with everyone in costumes:


Go visit the website!


My Etsy Shop!!!!


Hi everyone! Exciting news! I have opened up my own Etsy shop: theeleganceoftime (for those of you who are like me and can’t stand to read a bunch of words run together: the elegance of time) I don’t have very much for sell right now but hopefully it will increase.

For those who don’t know: Etsy is an website where people set up their own shops and sell either handmade or vintage items.

I have a link on my blog – so go visit my shop!


Eowyn Costume and Screenshots


Hi there, here are the promised pictures (screenshots).

This is not the best picture of the dress but it is the only one I have at the moment that has a good front view of the dress.

Other than my hair is in my face (the wind was blowing very hard) it wasn’t all that bad:)

The vest is laced up in the back although you can’t really see it in this picture. I love this one! It looks so pretty!

Yes, I know you cannot see the costume in this picture; but it is also about my short film! And I just love silhouette shots.

The dress itself if from the movie Lord of the Rings, my absolute favorite movie ever! It is one of the dresses that Eowyn the white lady of Rohan wears. For those who have seen the movie: she wears it several times, once when she is giving Merry armor, when Aragorn is leaving to summon the people of the mountain, and when Theoden tells her he has left her in charge of the people, she may have worn it other times but I don’t remember at this moment.

I used (slightly modified) simplicity pattern #4940. The dress is plain off-white cotton, and the vest is dark brown suede. I used (although you cannot see it) some plain white buttons for the dress, and (you cannot see this either) I laced the vest up with some pretty lace – it works a lot better than you would think!

I hope to soon have some better pictures, hopefully with the lace up and all; and some that aren’t fancy action shots:


Movie Shorts and Costumes


Hi everyone! I was just writing (since I haven’t in quite a while) to update everyone.

First, I’m working on a short film which I will hopefully post when it is finished, the filming is over and it is now in post production.

Second, I finished another costume the other day! But because of working on the short film I have not gotten around to getting pictures and posting it. But I will soon! Perhaps today or tomorrow.


Inaccurate Movie Costumes


Recently on the “Elegance of Fashion” blog, she had a post on inaccurate movie costumes; seeing it was about costumes, I thought I’d mention it for those that don’t check her blog.

I found it very interesting what she had to say about inaccurate movie, and how it sometimes works out.:)


Where have I seen that costume?


For those of you who don’t check the Elegance of Fashion blog, she has recently had “Jane Austin Week” one of the posts was on costumes… and very interesting. There is a website called “Recycled  Movie Costumes” it is all about the costumes that have been recycled and used for another movie.

A prime example is:

Mrs. Gardiner from 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice:

Mrs. Weston from the 1996 version of Emma:

Miss Brownings from the 1999 version of Wives and Daughters:

An uncredited extra from the 1999 version of Wives and Daughters:

And Pet Meagles from the 2008 version of Little Dorrit:

Five different people from four different movies all wearing the same costume!

There are tons of other costumes on there where different movies recycled costumes. Taking shortcuts! Well what are we here for but to make costumes with a budget?

It is a really cool website! Here is the link: