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More Pictures!


Hi there, I got a few more screen shots that show the costume better, although not great. It’s hard to get still shots when all you have is action!

Here is a shot of the full costume:

A closeup of the front:

Here is the best picture I could get of the back. You can kind of see the lace up:

Well, I hope ya’ll enjoyed the pictures!



Eowyn Costume and Screenshots


Hi there, here are the promised pictures (screenshots).

This is not the best picture of the dress but it is the only one I have at the moment that has a good front view of the dress.

Other than my hair is in my face (the wind was blowing very hard) it wasn’t all that bad:)

The vest is laced up in the back although you can’t really see it in this picture. I love this one! It looks so pretty!

Yes, I know you cannot see the costume in this picture; but it is also about my short film! And I just love silhouette shots.

The dress itself if from the movie Lord of the Rings, my absolute favorite movie ever! It is one of the dresses that Eowyn the white lady of Rohan wears. For those who have seen the movie: she wears it several times, once when she is giving Merry armor, when Aragorn is leaving to summon the people of the mountain, and when Theoden tells her he has left her in charge of the people, she may have worn it other times but I don’t remember at this moment.

I used (slightly modified) simplicity pattern #4940. The dress is plain off-white cotton, and the vest is dark brown suede. I used (although you cannot see it) some plain white buttons for the dress, and (you cannot see this either) I laced the vest up with some pretty lace – it works a lot better than you would think!

I hope to soon have some better pictures, hopefully with the lace up and all; and some that aren’t fancy action shots: