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Regency Dress


Hi there! Finally got some pics of my latest projects!


This is just a regency dress I made because I had the material:) It is made from a two toned gold and brown taffeta I got from


The trim I got from Joann fabric store.


The back was just a simple lace up with some brown ribbon I found.


I changed the sleeves a little from the original pattern because I don’t particularly care for huge puffs:)


I used Butterick pattern B6630.



Revolution Design Contest!


Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in a month but I haven’t sewn in a month either! I have been attending a summer dance intensive in Charleston, SC. But I have done something in the meantime: I entered Revolution Dancewear’s costume design contest. I made it into the top ten and it is now on facebook for everyone to vote on, the top three will advance to the next round at get their costumes made in Chicago. Please go vote!

Revolution Dancewear



P.S. The costume is in pastel colors and they don’t show up very well in the picture:(

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


Hi Everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple weeks (I am not slipping into my habit of not posting:) But my dance recital titled: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was the 15th and it always gets crazy that time of year!


I was cast as the Queen Of Hearts; above is a shot from my solo near the beginning of the show. I made my costume using the skating pattern that I used for the fairy godmother as a base. Hopefully I will have better photos soon.



Happy Mother’s Day!


I think the greatest idea that God ever conceived was the concept of mother. And of all the mothers in the world, it amazes me that he gave the best to me! (at least, I believe she is the best for I’ve never met a better one)

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers of the world!



Fairy Godmother


My friend, Beverly, from dance was cast as the fairy godmother for our dance recital; she couldn’t really find anything she liked for a costume so she asked me to help her. This is the result:


The Original:

Obviously, as it was a ballet costume, some adjustments had to be made but I think it captured the fairy godmother look.

We designed the costume together although I think most of the design credit should go to Beverly. The material was purchased from spandex world it consists of a sky blue basic spandex for the leotard and a royal blue crushed stretch velvet for the caplet and hood, we also trimmed the bottom of the skirt with the dark blue.

The costume itself is a very basic sleeveless leotard with princess seam and a skirt that comes down to just above the knee; it was modified from an ice skating pattern, we had to lengthen the girth, change the top to sleeveless and lengthen the skirt.¬† The caplet/hood was taken from a cloak pattern, using just the top caplet and hood and is attached to her hair with a comb so as to sit farther back on her head. We used approx. 1/2″ flesh colored elastic for the straps and approx. 1/8″ white elastic to finish the upper edge of the leotard.

It took a grand total of 4 hours to make the costume from start to finish.



Elizabeth Bennet Dress


Hi there everyone!

A while back I received a request on my etsy shop to make a dress from the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. It is Elizabeth Bennet’s dress, seen a couple of times but the picture comes from the party at Lucas Lodge early in the film just after the regiment has been quartered at Meriton.

I was very excited to be asked because it happens to be one of my favorite dresses from Pride and Prejudice. Since the dress was for the summer she wanted brighter colors than the original; I was sent a Apple Green Charmeuse Satin for the base, and a pale purple/silver stretch chiffon knit for the overlay.

The result:

The dress has a very simple regency gown base with small capped sleeves. The overlay stops about mid-calf allowing the base dress so show at the bottom, the sleeves extend past the cap sleeves and reach to the elbow where it gathers and widens slightly; they were finished off with a delicate white lace at the elbow and on the bottom edge of the sleeves.

The original also had strips running along the v in the front, meeting at the back, then hanging down behind for a ways.

Overall I was very pleased with the outcome and decided to make the dress a permanent addition to the custom options on my shop.