Romanov Costumes Happily Ever After


Am I always apologizing for not posting? Anyway I have been so busy! We did more filming on Wednesday and I was up at ten o’clock on Tuesday sewing costumes!

But now I have the pleasure of announcing that I have completed ALL costumes for the Romanov movie!!! And except for an occasional update on the film and hopefully the tutorial on how to make a Russian Military Uniform Hat, there will not be much on Romanovs, in the next few days I should have some screen shots from the execution (dying was so much fun!)

Farewell to my costumes!



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  1. You did a great job with the costumes, Darby, and I know that it must have been a *big* relief that they all *fit!* Nice going!

    P.S. I really liked the hats on Wednesday…I thought they turned out wonderfully and just made the costumes look so unique and authentic. Looking forward to seeing the screenshots/movie! 😀

  2. Thanks Maggie! When they all tried it on, and it all fit, I felt… well… happy! I really liked the hats too, I want to wear them around the house! Hopefully I’ll have those screen shots soon, and the editing is really coming along. Thanks for the encouragement!

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