Amish Clothing


Hi everyone! I would have posted sooner but my camera wasn’t working. So here is a project that’s been finished for a little while but not too long.

It is an Amish suit; requested by a friend. I got a pattern (yes I had a pattern and it was the most confusing one I’ve ever seen) and made it so here are the pictures:

They are not the best pictures but they’ll do.

I was very much surprised to read (when I was researching amish clothing) that the Amish don’t usually wear cotton, but rather polyester, and even latex and nylon! But apparently it is easier to wash and last longer than cotton so I guess that is why they prefer it.

Well I guess that’s all for now.

Although I have had a small respite from Romanov costumes I expect to be back to it soon so you can all look forward to more screen shots and costumes!



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  1. Hi Darby, i’m doing a research about Amish pattern, and i found your you have more picture about it? i mean also in tecnique design…thank you

  2. Hi Sofia!
    I don’t know if I have more pictures but I will look and see. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “technique design” (I am really bad with terminology) but if you want to know where I got the pattern it was at Friends Patterns, here is the link:
    I used:
    #300 Broadfall pants and
    #310 Collarless placket shirt
    I hope all this helps, and If there is anything else that I can help you with… feel free to ask!

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