Where have I seen that costume?


For those of you who don’t check the Elegance of Fashion blog, she has recently had “Jane Austin Week” one of the posts was on costumes… and very interesting. There is a website called “Recycled  Movie Costumes” it is all about the costumes that have been recycled and used for another movie.

A prime example is:

Mrs. Gardiner from 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice:

Mrs. Weston from the 1996 version of Emma:

Miss Brownings from the 1999 version of Wives and Daughters:

An uncredited extra from the 1999 version of Wives and Daughters:

And Pet Meagles from the 2008 version of Little Dorrit:

Five different people from four different movies all wearing the same costume!

There are tons of other costumes on there where different movies recycled costumes. Taking shortcuts! Well what are we here for but to make costumes with a budget?

It is a really cool website! Here is the link:




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