Romanov Costumes Part 4


Hi everyone, yesterday I finished one of Anastasia’s costumes. It consists of a white ruffled shirt with a dark gray coat that goes down to about the knees, a light gray skirt that will (on her) go to her ankles but it’s a bit short on me, and a light gray hat.

The shirt I am wearing in the picture is not the one I made for her but it fit me better so I wore it in the picture.

For the skirt I used one I already had for a pattern, modified what looked kind of like a business coat to make it more fitted, and a winter hat was my pattern for the hat.

Here is the picture I copied it from:

And here is the result:

(the green spot is not the costume, I assume it was the camera.)

I had a better picture but for some reason it won’t load.



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